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The Imgur API is now a publicly available API that developers can use to get access to Imgur’s entire content library Lightspeedmillertechcrunch. This can be used for many purposes, such as sharing images on social networking sites or developing your own custom image gallery. However, the API also has a number of limitations that should be taken into account, including the need to obtain permissions and a developer’s access to Imgur’s developer community.


Pngme is a financial data API and data science company that provides financial institutions and fintechs with the tools they need to develop innovative products, improve customer retention, and reduce loan defaults. In addition to Pngme’s API, the company also offers an end-to-end suite of developer tools.

The API enables financial institutions to collect financial data and create new insights on credit-invisible customers. As the company points out, access to user-permitted data is crucial to delivering personalized user experiences and driving financial inclusion. With the help of Pngme’s API and data science tools, financial institutions can create enhanced credit reports, lower defaults, and improve user privacy.

The company has partnered with leading financial institutions in Africa. Its technology has been used to automate lending in sub-Saharan markets, reducing defaults by 21 percent. For example, the company’s service is employed by banks in South Africa and Nigeria Urdughr.

As the company continues to expand, it plans to increase its staff strength and scale its products for both banks and fintechs. To that end, Pngme recently announced the hiring of Lorraine Kageni Maina as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

Pngme’s API platform and data science tools are designed to enable developers to integrate existing financial APIs and build innovative financial products. This is part of the company’s strategy to promote adoption of Open Banking in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

Full access to Imgur’s entire library of content

If you’re in the market for a new image hosting website, you may want to check out Imgur. This website allows users to host and share images at no cost stylesrant.

While there are many other image sharing services, Imgur is a bit unique in its own way. In addition to hosting images, the site features a variety of other functions, including voting and commenting tvboxbee.

In 2013, the site launched its first Android and iOS applications. In addition to its mobile apps, the site has a desktop version that allows users to create albums, upload photos, and more.

As of December 2015, the website had more than 100 million unique visitors and had 3.5 billion monthly views. Moreover, the company had received $40 million in funding.

One of the coolest features of the website is the fact that it hosts pictures in any file format. That includes GIFs, which can be up to 200MB.

Permission control

The latest hype cycle on the African banking front is awash with talk of the next big thing, be it a mobile bank or a mobile money operator. While the plethora of offerings may be enticing, the reality is that most people living in Africa are unable to access affordable financial services. Having a product that can deliver a solid experience at scale will be key to the success of the next wave of financial innovation.

For example, the Pngme platform is a data and analytics company that offers an open API that delivers real-time data to financial institutions such as banks and mobile money operators. Its product offerings include a comprehensive data dashboard, a customizable financial application, and a streamlined mobile banking app. As of this writing, Pngme boasts over 100 financial partners. This number is expected to grow as more and more users embrace the mobile banking trend therightmessages.

Developer community

Pngme is a financial data API that allows lenders and fintechs to collect and access alternative financial data. The platform provides developers with a scalable API architecture and developer tools. It also offers a suite of data types, which include credit bureau, alternative data, and thin-file.

Pngme enables financial institutions to lower their default rates by empowering them with an open financial data API. It has built a robust pipeline for collecting, processing, and storing data, and has partnerships with leading financial institutions.

Pngme’s platform includes a Customer Management Platform, which delivers regular automated alerts. Customers can create a holistic view of their finances and manage loans. A number of Pngme’s partners have successfully reduced loan defaults by over twenty percent.

To date, Pngme has built a scalable and cost-effective financial data pipeline for banks in sub-Saharan Africa. By leveraging its unique consumer financial data sources, the platform can automate lending in these markets.


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