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If you’re looking for an opportunity to take part in a venture that will make the world a better place for people in subsaharan Africa, look no further 42mwilhelmtechcrunch. A venture called Pngme has announced it plans to create an Insights Library to help investors and developers develop products and services for this market. This article will help you learn more about the company and what it plans to do.

About Pngme

Pngme Apis 15m Series Ventures enables developers to gain access to data from Imgur, one of the leading image sharing websites. This includes user information, account details, comments, and votes. The API offers detailed permission control and a simple mobile interface.

Founded in 2009, Imgur allows users to upload photos and comment on them. It has more than 300 million monthly active users. Through the use of Pngme’s API, developers can build applications that take advantage of its vast data.

In sub-Saharan Africa, Pngme has found traction with credit bureaus, credit card companies, and tier-one financial institutions. These companies have been using Pngme to collect alternative financial data at scale. They also use Pngme’s data science services to create machine learning-based products.

According to the company, combining three items will drive personalized client experiences. As a result, the company is expanding its executive and engineering teams. Adding Nick Masson as CTO and Lorraine Kageni Maina as CSO will help Pngme to expand its offerings and services trendingbird .


The latest entrant in the fintech fraternity is a little more upscale than your average microfinance lender. Founded in early 2015 by two former Harvard Business School classmates, Pngme is putting its data analytics wares to good use. They’ve got a ton of data, so it makes sense that they would leverage that in a scalable technology. In the name of science, the fintech company is also looking to grow. To that end, they’ve launched an initiative that’s all about building out the ecosystem and fostering open innovation, and a bit of ado about that. Aside from launching their data analytics platform, they’ve also made a few strategic moves.

The most notable is their new data analytics strategy, which they’ll use to build on their existing product portfolio. In particular, they’ve launched a new machine learning technology that’s designed to tackle some of the most challenging problems in the financial services industry, such as customer onboarding and customer fraud.

Need for workable information to drive surge of electronic fintech solutions for Africans

In the era of digitalization, Africa’s fintech industry has come a long way. While still in its early stages, this emerging industry is thriving and creating opportunities across the continent. It is also facing challenges.

With a young and fast-growing population, African fintech has a bright future. However, to become profitable, the fintechs need to overcome several barriers. The key challenge is securing a reliable and secure regulatory framework. Other obstacles include inadequate customer acquisition and the low purchasing power of customers.

One of the biggest challenges for fintech companies in Africa is the lack of sufficient corporate governance foundations. Fintechs must also deal with the uncertain and variable regulations that have become a hallmark of the regulatory landscape.

One tool that can help African fintechs navigate this regulatory landscape is FITSPA. This association connects individuals with like-minded companies and organizations. Among its offerings are a series of initiatives that support the creation of an enabling environment for the fintech sector. These include a partnership with the African Development Bank and the Gates Foundation net worth.

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