6 Most Popular Swimwear Styles For Women

Summer is the time of year when we can enjoy the warm sun and cool water. It’s also a time when we can show off some skin — whether at the beach, poolside or even on vacation. If you’re looking to get a new swimsuit this summer, here are some popular shaping swimwear styles that will have you feeling confident and comfortable in the water:


The tankini is a bathing suit that combines a bikini top with a tank top. The tankini is a more modest swimsuit than a bikini, as it covers most of your torso but not all of it. The tankini’s design allows you to wear this suit in warm weather without feeling too hot or embarrassed by the exposure of your backside to other swimmers.

One-piece suit

One-piece swimsuits are an excellent choice for those who want to look stylish and chic without revealing too much. They come in different styles, with or without shoulder straps, and can be designed using different fabrics (leather, lace) and colours. One-piece swimsuits are perfect for women who want to cover up their legs or prefer to wear something simple.

Bralette bikini

This style is perfect if you want a swimsuit that leaves little to the imagination. Bralettes are usually made with less fabric than regular bras and are often made with lace, mesh or other soft fabrics. They look similar to a regular bra but have a soft, flexible band instead of an underwire.

Bras that fall into the bralette category generally offer more coverage than some other styles in this list (which can be good or bad depending on your preferences). So you may want to size up if you want something low-cut and see-through—again, this is just personal preference!

Underwire bikini

If you’ve got a larger bust and are looking for a bathing suit that can give it some support, then the underwire bikini top is for you. These bathing suits have bra-like cups that provide the proper amount of lift and shape.

Underwire bikini bottoms also come in styles like high-waisted, low-rise, and even thong bottoms!

Tie-front bikini top

A tie-front bikini top is an excellent option for women who want to look sporty but still flirty. You can wear this style in different ways – you can tie it in the front or back, and it’s also a perfect option for those with bigger chests because it provides more support than other styles. The tie-front bandeau is also a popular choice for women who love this style and want to add some extra coverage where they need it without having to wear a full bra.

Bikini bottoms with side ties

Side tie bikini bottoms are popular for women with large busts because they can be adjusted to fit the body. Smaller-busted women also appreciate side ties since they allow the top to stay in place without worrying about falling out of place.

Thankfully this article gave you some ideas on swimwear and helped you find the perfect style for your body type. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, there are always ways to express your style through fashion choices. So go ahead and try out these different styles to find what works best for you!

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