cTrader’s Advantages Over Other Trading Platforms

The London-based business organisation, cTrader Limited, operates as a forex trading platform. Due to its unique custom design for usage with ECN brokers, its services have attracted multiple high-end clients under its wings. Since its initial collaboration with FxPro, numerous other prominent ECN brokers, such as Liquid Markets, and Admiral Markets, have chosen cTrader as their preferred platform.

Visually, the cTrader platform is quite tidy and appealing. It features a layout that is not cluttered and is highly pleasing to the eye. The site is extremely user-friendly, thanks to the designers’ outstanding efforts.

The Benefits of Using cTrader as Your Brokerage’s Platform

Compared to other trading systems, cTrader features an interface that is clear and contemporary. While most platforms allow for significantly customised chart element colours, cTrader offers a light and dark layout. Although it may appear insignificant, this substantially impacts consumers in various situations.

#1 It is Dependable and Durable

The platform cTrader was designed with trading experience as its top priority. “Traders first” summarises their goal of creating a solid platform that fosters customer loyalty. In addition, cTrader is dedicated to providing dependable liquidity options and a continuous price stream devoid of interruptions, rejects, or shortfalls.

The mass retail market was not always aware of the risks associated with trading on an unstable platform when digital CFD trading first gained popularity a few years ago. However, as the internet trading industry grew more established, traders started to demand broker honesty and stable execution. Even novice traders rapidly picked up on the concepts of “slippage” and “requotes.”

Over the previous seven years, cTrader has maintained 100% availability and a 3ms internal process time. It can accommodate 150,000 active users at once without affecting the trading experience.

#2 It Promotes Active Trading and Customer Retention

Brokers frequently deal with clients who place a few transactions on live accounts. Suppose their implementation and trading circumstances are suitable. In that case, they might need to enhance the trading environment generally and provide traders with better tools.

Through a single interface, traders may trade manually, duplicate trades, and algorithms on the new, improved cTrader platform. By selecting the “Trade” option, you may activate the manual trading option, which provides comprehensive symbol data, market sentiment information, complex chart kinds, numerous periods, and a wide range of technical analysis tools.

#3 Charting

The charting tools are comprehensive and straightforward to understand. You can choose to have the chart space filled with just one graph and switch between them, or you can view numerous charts perfectly tiled next to one another. Additionally, you can split any chart into a standalone window outside the system. This is cool since, on Windows, the detached chart generates its window on the bottom Navigation bar.

The 1-, 5-, or 15-minute durations are included in most charting kits below the 1-hour timeframe. The same thing is true in cTrader, but there are other options for time frames of 45, 20, 1, or even ticks accessible. However, there are several interesting higher timeframe possibilities available with cTrader.

#4 Favoured Chart Cycles

Favourite Chart Periods, which may be entirely customised, is another innovation that saves time. Providing quick access to favourite options reduces the number of taps and swipes needed to change timeframes on the Mobile 4.1 charting program. The cTrader Copy platform, which is now accessible on mobile devices operating on Android and iOS, is an excellent option for developing and frontier market investors who favour copy trading services.

#5 Accessibility

Every broker receives all available versions of the software from cTrader.

In Conclusion

Spotware developed cTrader and released numerous updates. Spotware has demonstrated that it is incredibly trader-centric by offering valuable updates based on user feedback. Additionally, the business tries to adhere to its patented Traders First strategy.

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