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Do You Recommend That I Get Pet Insurance For My Dog?

Pet insurance is an excellent way to protect your furry friend from unexpected expenses. Although some policies can be expensive, accident-only policies can be cheap and offer excellent coverage for unexpected injuries. It is also a good idea to lock in coverage for your pet while he is still a youngster so that he can be protected from accidents and illnesses. For a few dollars a month, you can get your pet covered for unforeseen accidents.

Not every policy covers pre-existing conditions. Before coverage can begin, some companies require a waiting period. However, some insurance companies will remove the exclusion if the dog is healthy and free from symptoms. Make sure to check before enrolling in a policy. If your dog has a family history of certain illnesses, get pet insurance for them to protect your investment. You can also get additional coverage for inherited conditions.

Check out pet insurance companies’ deductibles and coverage limitations. Be sure to read the fine print to avoid surprises later on. Also, make sure that you fill out the renewal form completely. If you do not, you may find yourself disqualified for ongoing care if your dog is sick or injured. You may also want to check out a pre-approval option for certain procedures. This can be useful if your dog is having a surgical procedure, but you are concerned that it is not covered.

There are several types of pet insurance. Some plans are annual, per condition, or incident-based. Annual plans have a set deductible, which you must meet every year. A per-condition plan has a lower deductible, but will require you to meet it every time your pet develops a new condition. A per-incident plan pays out 90% of covered expenses. So, you should compare prices before buying a policy.

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