How Do I Choose Deck to Play in Smutstone?

How Do I Choose Deck to Play in Smotstone? Is the question that will be weighing on your mind for a while? You can choose to play your deck with Mythic cards, for example, or you can play with any other deck, depending on the game pklikes mode you’re playing. If you don’t know how to choose a deck yet, read on to learn more about card types, seduction, and game modes.

Game modes

The first step to choosing the right deck is to familiarize yourself with SmutStone’s rules and how it plays. If you don’t know much about the game, the wiki page has a lot of useful information about the game. The goal is to have a 100% win rate in the game. To improve your win rate, choose a deck that has special abilities. For example, Lady Butterfly has an ability to make other cards stronger.

You’ll want to pick the strongest card that will help you win the game. In Smutstone, the stronger card will always win the auto battle, even if you have the wrong element deck. However, it’s important to note that cards are randomly picked from a deck. There’s a 42% chance that a card will appear on the field in the first round, so you should choose your cards carefully.

Card types

There are two main ways to choose your deck. First, look at the Smutstone wiki. It has a good beginner’s guide. Second, look at the cards you have already collected and those you haven’t yet acquired. You can find all of the cards’ stats on their respective wiki pages. Using this guide, you can create a strong starting deck for the game and win battles much more easily.

In Smutstone, you build a deck using cards with different abilities. Each card has a specific value and character, and the ability to do certain things. The game pklikes com login lacks strategy because each card is randomly chosen and many decisions are based on dice rolls. However, you can use your strategy to attract girls and make their enemies kneel in service! You can use your deck to get girls and fight for pleasure!

Mythic cards

If you have ever played Smutstone, you’ve probably noticed that the stats of the cards are different from normal cards. In the game world247web, players use their deck and press a button to start a battle. Auto battles are always won by the stronger card, regardless of elemental bonuses. That’s why you can usually win even if you have the wrong element deck. You can find out the stats of all playable cards by checking the Smutstone wiki.

Card seduction

In Card seduction in Smutstone, you have to make use of your skills to attract the attention of the ladies. You can seduce a certain character or get 6-10 stars on the map to gain Titan Souls. The seduction level increases as you level up, and you can buy duplicate cards to improve your card’s seduction power. To unlock seductive splash art, you must seduce a Leprechaun character.

In Smutstone, you can attract girls with your sexy cards and make them fight for you. It’s like playing a game newsminers of poker but with a sexy twist. As you strengthen your cards, you can unlock more saucy scenes. And once you’ve done that, you’ll be rewarded with sexy comic-style scenes and tantalizing rewards. The game’s underlying philosophy is to make women fight with your cards for your pleasure.


Getting more legendary cards in Smutstone can be done by taking advantage of the game’s daily wins. Usually, you can gain three mythic cards from daily wins. Each Mythic card has special abilities that can help you make other cards stronger. It is possible to obtain more Mythic cards by playing more of the game newspedias than you usually do. Here’s how to do it. Continue reading to find out how to get more Mythic cards.

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