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How to Achieve Zero Marketing Budget Success

In a recent article published by Entrepreneur, I wrote about a company that claims to have zero marketing budget. The company in question, Justuno, was founded by Erik and Travis Yarrow. After building a profitable SaaS business, Justuno now does over 2 million in revenue – and all of this is done with zero marketing budget. Let’s look at how they did it. And how can you do the same?

The key to zero marketing is to be as easy as possible for your customers to understand and use. This includes writing content in a way that is easily understood by customers and offering translation options. Customers are interested in content first, before they look at images or graphics. By making your content easily digestible, your customers will be more likely to buy your product. The goal is to reach your audience and help them grow. Here are a few tips to follow to ensure zero marketing success.

One of the most challenging parts of traditional marketing budgets is evaluating the effectiveness of various marketing strategies. The traditional method does not consider the new trends and factors affecting your industry. A major change could be an unexpected epidemic, or it could be a burgeoning niche market. A zero-based marketing budget eliminates these problems by calculating budgets from the starting point, which is zero. Moreover, zero-based marketing budgets never assume that the previous year’s numbers are accurate. This method also allows companies to improve their brand’s productivity.

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