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Why Do We Love Cars So Much?

Why do we love cars? One simple answer is because they allow us to go anywhere and have a sense of freedom. A car can carry half your wardrobe, your yoga mat, and your beach towel. There are countless reasons to love a car. Whether it is the smell of a new car, the sound of the engine when you turn it on, or the wide open spaces of a summer road trip, cars can make you feel comfortable and free.

One of the most compelling reasons for loving a car is the ability to enjoy it for its performance. There are many benefits to owning a car, but you can’t put a price tag on its aesthetics. Buying a new one can increase your self-esteem. A study in the UK showed that men and women alike had positive feelings about cars. Men’s increased self-esteem was linked to their car’s features. Women found these benefits to be equally compelling.

Men are more likely to develop an emotional attachment to their cars than do women. For men, their cars are extensions of themselves. Their vehicles can enhance their status and create an image of themselves. Women, on the other hand, rarely develop such feelings. Most women don’t even think about a car as a personal object. As a result, they neglect their vehicles. In this way, they never understand why men love them so much.

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